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Gardens of 2014

by USAInvest

2014 trends to arrange the garden go beyond the scope of imagination, and delayed styles from the strangest and innovative organizations and decorating external spaces. Smart gardens, hi-tech or enzyme, chromatic balance, geometric motives, unusual jewelry and symmetry are only some of the trends.

Types of gardens that will be in 2014:

Smart Garden

Smart gardens are also known as Hi-Tech and represent one of the most important and modern trends in 2014 in the organization of open spaces, and is characterized by jewelry, light sources, fireplaces and fountains that can be included and can be controlled directly from your smartphone or tablet from using special applications.

Chromatic balance

If 2013 sprinkled with bright colors, brave in organizing external spaces, then 2014 will emphasize strong tones and counterweights. Colors are offered to the garden ensemble through warm colors and neutral. The intensive color palette of red and orange “dages” and balanced with yellow along with ocher, gray or blue tones, colors that will be in fashion next year in the outer structure.

Symmetric or geometric gardens

Symmetry is one of the signs and qualities that you need to look for in the open planning space. Symmetric gardens remain in trend. They can be filled with many plants and not only geometric shapes, but also geometric symbols or motives that will become mastmam in 2014.

Gardens of fermentation

Fermentation Gardens (Fermentation Gardens) will be an increasingly popular trend in 2014.

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