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First permanent US Army garrison in Poland

by marusia

The first permanent garrison of the US armed forces began to operate in Poland. The tasks of the garrison will include providing infrastructure support for the American soldiers stationed in Poland.

In addition, the garrison will control the forward outposts of the US Armed Forces in Poland.

The new garrison was the eighth permanent US garrison in Europe and the first permanent US garrison in Poland. “This is a historic moment. We highly appreciate the fact that American troops will be constantly present in our country, ”Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak said at the opening ceremony at the Kosciuszko Camp in the city of Poznan (quoted by EPoznan).

At the end of February, Mariusz Blaszczak called the United States “the country’s closest ally.” At the same time, the US State Department approved the sale of a $10 billion arms package to Poland. The Minister of National Defense believes that with the support of the United States, Poland’s ground forces will become the largest in Europe.

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