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Classification and types of doors

by USAInvest

Today, domestic and foreign manufacturers are produced by many options and types of doors. In this case, wood, glass, metal, plastic are used as material.

Doors are divided into certain groups according to various criteria.

one. Based on the materials from which the door is made

Wooden. Have irrefutable advantages (strength, durability, etc.), thanks to which the interior acquires valuable qualities.

Aluminum. Show maximum resistance to an aggressive environment, therefore, the operational period of such a door is quite long. Differ from iron doors resistance to corrosion and less massiveness.

Steel. Are the most reliable door structures. They perfectly protect against cold, smells and noise from the outside. Among other things, such a door is not afraid of fire.

Glass. Visually make the room more spacious, which is widely popular. Allow for any non -standard design solutions and ideas to realize life.

The doors are also produced in several versions – plastic, disconnected, laminated, milling, mesonite, combined.

2. By the method of opening

Swing. Open in both directions. Both internal doors and external doors are produced. There are deaf and glass, with a canopy and without it. For their manufacture, practical any material is suitable.

Sliding. Ideally combine with any interior, allow you to easily redesign the internal space.

Folding. Such doors connect separate sections. They are made of plastic with wooden coating, whole wood, etc. Very often in manufacture are combined with glass inserts.

Swinging. Resemble doors in the subway, that is, open in both directions. They can only be ordered.

Stables. This is one of the types of swing doors. Consists of two halves – the upper and lower.

3. By the number of canvases

There are three types – single -sex, bipolous and one and a half. The number of the door leaf depends on the width of the opening in the wall.

four. To fill the door leaf

There are deaf and glass. Glasses are suitable as balcony doors, and they are made of matte and transparent glasses, with a relief pattern of different tones.

5. By functionality

There are doors for residential and public buildings, special – refractory, energy -saving, moisture -resistant, etc.

There are also many other classifications, we will talk about them another time.

PVC plastic doors are in great demand. They have many advantages compared to ordinary doors, it is: moisture resistance, good sound insulation, huge selection of colors and much more. You can buy such doors in the Dveri-A online store. .

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