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What if the summer thunderstorm leaves you without electricity? Let’s choose the generator together.

by USAInvest

It is convenient to have a portable generator. It may seem that there is no emergency in it, but still it is good at least to remain in touch during the storm, not to mention the fact that there may not be enough books for enlightenment and candles for lighting in the absence of electricity in your house. Here are some things that should be considered when choosing a generator during weather disasters and other problems with power supply.

one. There are portable and permanent generators. Permanent generators are expensive, so buy yourself first a portable generator for 30-40 thousand rubles. Your generator will work on gasoline, propane. For comparison, the generator for constant supply of the house with electricity will cost many times more and require professionals to establish it. And for the installation you will pay as much as the generator itself costs. Such generators have advantages – they are automatically turned on at the right time, and there is no need to connect devices to it. Portable generators are easier to install, but it is more difficult for them to manipulate.

2. The generator is chosen based on its power. During the failure, you will want to connect the modem (although the Internet can also be disconnected for the period of failure), charging for the phone, laptop, TV, refrigerator, microwave, radiator, boiler and, of course, light.  You will need a 10 kW generator approximately for all this.  However, choose power according to your own needs. So, the modem needs 6 watts, charging 10 watts, laptop 25 watts, TV 300 watts, refrigerator (depending on the model) 700-2000 W, microwave 800 watts, heater 1300 W, 4500 watts boiler.

3. The portable generator should be 10 feet from the house to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. So if the cord of your generator is not enough, it is better to buy an extension cord calculated for use in any weather.

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