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Moscow district of St. Petersburg: features of its elite real estate

by USAInvest

Interest in the elite real estate of the city on the Neva is due to a number of reasons. On the one hand, apartments and apartments of the premium category are selected for themselves by successful citizens who have extremely high demands for housing.

On the other hand, objects are ideal for profitable investment of free cash. Investments are made in property that is optimally suitable for determining a highly liquid. Over the years, it is only getting more expensive, demand remains traditionally high.

Citizens with an appropriate income level make bets on the buildings of the old fund and new buildings in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg. The municipality is located in the southwestern part of the metropolis, is one of the most developed from an industrial point of view.

The leader of the cultural capital in the number of sales is the company “Petersburg Real Estate”. The corporation formed in 1994 is an integral part of the largest Setl Group investment and construction holding in the north-west of the Russian Federation, which has close business relations with several dozens of developers.

Customers here will not only select real estate of the premium segment, taking into account their own requests. The qualified specialists of the company will help them register ownership of property, provide assistance in finding the most profitable credit products.

Brief description of the Moscow region

The area of ​​the municipality – 7.107 thousand ha, the number of living exceeds 252 thousand people. Home Transport Highway – Moskovsky Prospekt.

The obvious advantages of the region include a developed infrastructure network. Here are not only shopping centers, hypermarkets, restaurants, night clubs, but also leading educational and scientific centers of the Northern capital. There are also large parks in the district:

hero cities;



The transport accessibility of the municipality is due to the presence of landscaped highways, interchanges and powerful transport units.

What depends on the price of elite real estate in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg?

The geographical features of the location of objects and their historical significance are only some factors in the formation of the cost of a square meter of finished construction products. It is necessary to take into account:

the area of ​​the room;

features of planning solutions;

exclusivity of the finish;

high level of equipment with modern engineering and technical communications;

degree of safety of residence;

the presence of intra -object infrastructure, parking zone;

The landscaping of the house territory.

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