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Liquid thermal insulation for residential premises and systems

by USAInvest

Liquid thermal insulation for residential premises and systems

The most important characteristic of any private house is the warmth of his rooms. To achieve the minimum amount of heat loss and thereby save fuel consumption during the operation of the autonomous heating system, it is necessary to use thermal insulation. To make the effect maximum, in addition to the external walls, it is necessary to isolate the inter -story floors, roof, basement floors. Usually used drywall, behind which thermal insulation is hidden, as a result, a casing is obtained 12-15 cm thick. What to do if such a thickness is not suitable for home? You can get out of the situation by using super -thin liquid isolation, which was first developed in the Urals. It is worth noting that the cost of artificial stone is inexpensive, which makes this material popular.

Liquid insulation as a heater for walls and floors

Compared to mineral wool, the thermal conductivity coefficient in super-toll of isolation is below 20-30. This effect is possible thanks to silicate microspheres that contain discharged air. By consistency, the polymer is similar to paint, so that it can be applied to any surface of brick, concrete or wood. 2-3 millimeter layer of the polymer composition increases the temperature indoors by 5-7 degrees. In addition, when using liquid isolation on the surface of the walls, dampness and mold are not formed. It protects building materials from premature destruction.

Liquid isolation can be used to warm utility systems in the cold periods of the year. It prevents the freezing of the water supply and sewage, as well as the formation of condensate and corrosion in air conditioning systems. Liquid isolation does not clutter up the space, unlike mineral wool, but you will not have to hide the systems, since it looks very elegant. Isolation does not need special care, its operating life is at least 30 years.

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