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Combined bathroom “For” and “against”.

by USAInvest

Combined bathroom “For” and “against”.

Before making a decision to combine the bathroom, let’s carefully weigh all the “pluses” and “minuses” of this venture.

The main arguments for “for”:

one.An increase in space, which is very important for people with a “good” complexion;

2.Redevelopment with a completely new arrangement of equipment;

3.Reduction in the area of ​​the preparation of walls and the number of consumables for work;

four.The ability to replace or install additional equipment;

5.Expansion of the borders of the bathroom due to the accession of additional premises.

Arguments against”:

one.If the family has more than 3 people, the use of a combined bathroom causes certain inconvenience;

2. When dismantling, neighboring rooms are touched, which will also require additional costs for repair work;

3.By 20-40% increase the cost of work and costs for materials;

four. The terms of work are increasing from 12 to 18 days, depending on the project.

But the most important thing in the process of uniting a bathroom is the right choice of a contractor! You make a small revolution in your life and be afraid of thoughts about large -scale construction. In fact, the redevelopment of the bathroom almost always affects neighboring rooms: kitchen, corridor, pantry or room. There is and will be building garbage, dirt and dust in front of such a venture, plus problems that arise, without ready -made solutions. Therefore, you need to especially carefully approach the choice of a professional contractor! In the end, the repair is not done every day and most importantly in this case-fertility!

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