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Today, fireplaces are installed not only in country houses, but also in city apartments. Thanks to the fireplace, the house is filled with an atmosphere of heat and comfort. It gives light and heat to the premises, is a symbol of well -being. A fireplace in an apartment or cottage can be decorated as you want, good, this allows a large selection of facing materials. There are several types of fireplace cladding. The most expensive option for cladding is a natural stone. It is very durable, durable, has a large spectrum of color palette. The most popular and at the same time classic fireplace finish is marble cladding. As well as natural stone, marble is not cheap. To work with marble, you need to invite a specialist, otherwise you can achieve not the results that have been sought to. Minimum costs – cladding plaster. It needs to be applied in several layers, at least five. The first layer is applied with liquid solution, spray. A solution for subsequent layers should have a consistency resembling the dough. After applying all layers of plaster and drying, the fireplace is covered with paint.

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The fireplace lining is also made of tiles. Work will require a lot of effort, but the result is worth. With the help of tiles, your fireplace can be decorated with any ornament and choose color to your taste. In addition to ordinary ceramic tiles, there is hollow tiles – tile. He, in turn, is divided into three types: straight, corner and shaped. A straight tile is used on even surfaces, an angular tile, respectively, for corners, shaped – for protruding surfaces.

Another material for facing the fireplace is drywall. The method of facing with drywall is available and simple. First, the frame is attached to the fireplace, then drywall. The joints are smoothed with a gypsum solution and a special tape.

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