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Mosquito grid – you can sleep peacefully at night

by USAInvest

Every summer we are faced with a dilemma – either fresh air from the window and hordes of insects that do not allow us to sleep all night, or stuffiness. Flies, mosquitoes, night butterflies who came to the world also cause a lot of inconvenience, and a great many flies every night every night. To solve the issue with fresh air, mosquito nets were invented.

Description of the article:

They are installed on plastic windows so that a variety of insects do not penetrate inside the house.

Production. Mosquito nets on the framework for the indicated dimensions will be made in any window workshop. It will not be difficult to install and independently, however, if the grid is planned on the windows of the eighth floor, you will need insurance – it is better not to perform these works at a height alone.

Types of fasteners. Fasteners of a mosquito net for the balcony and for windows differ among themselves.

Installation of a mosquito net

To install a mosquito net on the window, 2 pairs of fasteners are required. Two mounts up and two – down. First, the frame with the net is installed in the upper fasteners, lifted and lowered to the lower. This grid is stationary, if you need to look out the window, you have to remove it.

Therefore, there is another way to attach a mosquito net – in the form of a door that can be opened. She has only one pair of fasteners and such a net easily opens.


Its set also includes a special latch – it is located on the opposite side of the canopies and is designed to fix the grid in a closed position.

Measurements. When you measure the window frame for the further manufacture of the mesh, you must add 1 cm to them from all sides – the net must be overlooked to the window frame.

Mounting. For the installation of a mosquito net, you will need 2 self -tapping screws for each mount.

Pre -draw the contours of the finished mosquito net on the window with a pencil. Make sure that the net is located smoothly. We fix the corner fasteners in the corners of the grid, and the side fasteners are at an equal distance from the axis of the grid. The upper fasteners must be mounted 12 mm above the grid so that it can freely enter the formed space. The installation of fasteners is performed with self -tapping screws using a screwdriver.

To make an installation of a mosquito net more convenient, you can remove the double -glazed window.

To install a mosquito net in the form of a door on a balcony or window, loops are required, and a fixing mechanism consisting of a magnet and a clamping mechanism. First, it should be noted on the window of installation of mounts. Then we install them using a screwdriver and screws. We put on the grid, and the last stroke we fix the fixing mechanism in the right position, as well as fixing on the set places of fixing magnets.

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