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We change the sewer

by USAInvest

Over the years, many residents of city apartments are faced with the problem of wear of sewer pipes. Old cast -iron pipes are unaesthetic, heavy and bulky. Often they miss very unpleasant odors, and in some places proceed. So the decision to replace them is justified by 100%. The most difficult thing is to dismantle the sewer riser. To avoid the need to make a replacement and neighbors, save the glass of the lower bell. To do this, take out the old pipe especially carefully. We recommend cutting the pipe, but do not break it. The whole procedure will be completed as neatly and without unnecessary splashes. It is important to warn the upper neighbors, otherwise, as soon as you disconnect the pipe from the upper bell, you can surpass the flows of dirty water at any time, often with very unpleasant weighing. Often recommended safety plugs will not solve the problem, and if the neighbor wants to drain the filled bath, then you will not manage the basin. Now real estate in which the sewage is installed is much more expensive than in the one in which there is no poor sewage. 

After dismantling the main riser, we replace the lower cross. Often, instead of a cross, a tee is installed. No difference, since you will have to do the same. Grind it carefully and, if possible, pull the old dad from the bell. Then you should cut the cut edge of the old pipe under the ceiling. Leave exactly so many pipe so that you can attach the coupling. It is better to use a repair coupling without a end plate inside, this will allow you to assemble a riser without resorting to unnecessary efforts. The new pipe should easily go into the old column of a cast -iron pipe to avoid leakage use the transition clutch. Usually 110 diameter. When assembling pipes, you can use liquid soap, it will simplify the docking of the parts and will not damage rubber seals. At the end, you will have to collect all the vertical wiring, but this is an easy task. Do not forget to just make the right slope of the horizontal pipe.

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