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Entrance doors with sound insulation, metal doors with sound insulation

by USAInvest

The best entrance doors with sound insulation are products with a thickness of 4 centimeters and above. But the matter, of course, is not only in it. The material from which the design is made, its structure and type of fasteners is also important.

The best option for the structure of the canvas is a three -layer. Moreover, two layers are represented by thin facing material, and the third – thick soundproofing. By the way, thin cladding should be as massive as possible. This is necessary in order to drown out the oscillations of the resonant type that can occur in the inner space of the door structure. The third layer should be as softer as possible. Ideally – also more elastic. Mineral wool can be considered an ideal option. In addition to hacking noise, it practically does not burn. There is an opinion that you can not spend money on it, but replace it with cheaper polystyrene foam. In fact, among its useful characteristics, high sound insulation is not yet listed.

As for the fasteners, you should choose special models that have brilliant vibration -insulating characteristics.

Steel against noise

The best option that helps to protect the home from attackers are door designs from steel. But in the light of protection against extraneous sounds, they are seriously inferior to wood products. But this does not mean that the input metal doors with sound insulation are something from the field of popular science fiction. To give them the required qualities, you just need to perform the following actions:

fill the interior with soundproof material – here you can use either already mentioned mineral wool or polyurethane foam. The operational characteristics of the latter are not far from cotton wool. In addition, it fights perfectly with a phenomenon, which is called the “drum effect”;

to finish the door structure using decorative panels – the MDF plate is ideal for this purpose, since they miraculously extinguish sounds;

Provide the dense fit of the canvas to the box – even expensive door structures can have small cracks in the fit of one element to another. It is very simple to win them. You need to use a special silicone seal. By the way, he will also help prevent cold air through these cracks inside the apartment.

A few more words must be said about the silicone seal. It is best to place it on two contours. This is possible if the profile has a bait or if it is bent. That is, there is a situation when there is a sticker of silicone insulation both on the back and on the front.

Be sure to pay attention to the area between the doorway and the box. Sometimes after the installation of the door structure there may remain voids here. You can close them with a special mixture consisting of large and small sand, Portland cement, as well as special plasticizers. This mixture is known to many as sand concrete.

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