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Features of using blue shades in interior design.

by USAInvest

In nature, you can find a huge amount of tones of blue color: from clear tones – known to everyone of blue, turquoise, azure and ending with dark – purple, ultramarin, indigo. In an effort to make their lives more comfortable since ancient times, people tried to apply these colors in the design of their home. These coloring pages can be associated with the jets of a waterfall, the sky (morning and night), the blue surface of the sea, the current river, the wind … by the fact that it is capable of clinging the eye, can bring peace to the soul, can help disconnects various anxiety, can bewell. After all, it is not without reason that a person is able to look at burning fire and running water for hours. You can buy interior items on the site.

The selection of color shades for the design of the room, apartments or office space is undoubtedly, the matter is mainly designers. If you yourself decide to deal with a similar issue, it is necessary to remember the main points: blue light tones are optically able to increase the size of the space, and muffled tones, on the contrary, slightly reduce the size. Because of this, it is better to use light blue colors in the premises overlooking the north side of the world or to combine weakly blue with other colors, which can usually be performed by an extremely competent designer. Interiors directed to the south windows with more intense sunlight are more advisable to decorate, using turquoise, blue and other clear varieties of blue color in combination with white (such as white clouds in the sky).

Harmonically found combinations of blue tonalities especially using bright colors of the palette will be able to make absolutely any space elegant and cozy. Despite the fact that this color is still the color of the cold gamut – it can be performed softer and more pleasant, using orange, pink, various coffee and other warm coloring nuances. This also applies to the bedroom. Particularly pure notes of blue are combined with white. A guest room decorated in such combinations, without a doubt, will become luxurious, freer, will create a feeling of vigor and coolness, will help to get a calm mood.

It has long been noticed that blue can have a favorable mental effect on a person. Many nationalities have a heavenly blue color recognized as the color of love. It levels the level of stress, is able to calm, can reduce the unpleasant consequences of depression and improves the general condition of the whole organism: improves mood, relieves headache, relieves fatigue, regulates blood pressure.

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