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Luzz for a cat

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Luzz for a cat

Probably every cat owner at least once had a thought from making a hole in the front door, which would greatly facilitate the life of both the animal and the whole family.

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By the way, such a hole can be made in the interior door. It is important that thanks to this passage it will not be necessary to get up at night to let the cat out into the street or vice versa, to let it go into the house. In general, the benefits of the “cat” course are obvious.

The need for cats for cats has long understood the manufacturers, therefore, now the market is simply overwhelmed by a variety of passes and hungry like doors, tunnels and many others design.

The easiest way to make a hole of this size in the door so that the animal crawls into it and cover it with some sash. It is important to note that it is not recommended to make such in the front doors, except only in the second doors. The fact is that many owners of private houses have two doors at once one so -called winter, and the other which is inside the summer. So when heat, many do not even close the main front door by closing only the second wooden, and sometimes a frame covered with a mosquito net is used as a second door. In the case of such doors, you can and even need to make a cat for a cat.

It is important to say that when choosing a hole and with its independent construction, you need to take into account a few important points. Firstly, the walking of a cat through a hole should not cause a loud noise. Secondly, the curtain or the sash of the LAZ should not greatly complicate the movement of the animal. And thirdly, the sash at rest should close the passage tightly so that uninvited guests like mice or any insects could not pass through it.

So, the hole should be done only in those doors that are not basic in the safety system of the dwelling, and if its business, then this task must be implemented correctly and slowly.

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