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New programmable cement from researchers of the University of Rice

by USAInvest

Researchers from the University of Rice found a way to program cement particles in concrete, which makes it more durable, strong and environmentally friendly.

In order to make an improvement in cement, the researchers examined it at the nano -level. They studied how the sewage in cement occurs. Together, amorphous clots of particles that are usually formed, the team learned to make cubes, rectangular prisms, dendrites, etc.P. These “figures” are packaged more tightly, and the final result is the best retention of water with concrete and protection against destruction from the inside.

Roizhekh Shakhavari, leading author of the study, says: “We call it programmable cement”.

In order to direct the particles to the formation of specified forms, the team of scientists adds surface-active compounds and calcium silicate to the mixture with a positive or negative charge (before the mixture is exposed to carbon dioxide or ultrasound).

The production of cement is one of the largest culprits of greenhouse gases, although recent studies have shown that the material can be an absorption of carbon, which partially compensates for environmental harm from its production. But the new method of researchers of the University of Rice will also reduce the harm of cement to nature by reducing its production: “Builders will need a smaller amount of new cement, because it will be stronger and stronger than. Smaller porosity will complicate the passage of chemicals inside, and this will protect the reinforcement inside the concrete from premature destruction “.

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