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Install a plug outlet

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A very important point is the wire of the mains and installation of all electrical devices in the house. Naturally, the products that join the mains include plug outlets. It is without the presence of such products that no house can do. To date, a huge assortment of plug outlets has been presented on store shelves. But you should choose them very carefully and carefully, starting from a large number of factors. It is about how to choose the right plug outlets, what you need to look at and how to install it will be discussed in this article.

Everyone knows that the Shtepsel Rosette present in every house enables us to use household appliances at any time convenient for us. To begin with, you should know that the plug outlet has a very interesting and at the same time simple design. Any socket of this type consists of three main elements. Them are a case, block and contact. The case performs two functioning and protective functions. Most often it is made of such material as plastic. In turn, the block is made with more fragile material, such as ceramics. Such an element as contact is made of metal alloys.

To date, there are a large number of types of plugs. The most common classification is by the type of design. Exists:

Shtepsel rosette of hidden installation. It is customary to use it with built -in electrical wiring.

Outdoor installation socket. We are used to seeing this view almost every day. It is a case attached to the wall, with a base hidden in it. Often has a protective cover.

In addition, there is a classification according to the electrical circuit. Based on this characteristic, it is customary to distinguish between two types of sockets. Them are sockets having grounding and without it.

When installing a plug outlet in the first place, it is worth considering the design. Naturally, if this is a gap out of a hidden installation, because the process is a little more complicated than with an external mount. In order to install a hidden type socket to start, you need to turn off the power. After that, it is necessary to accurately decide on the place of its position. Next, you need to make a suitable hole and directly install the outlet. The last case is the installation of the case. The process of installing an external plug outlet practically does not differ from the previous one, but you do not have to make a hole in the wall.

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