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Proper flooring parquet

by USAInvest

April 19, 2013.

Everyone knows that the parquet needs to be varnished. However, before that it needs to be polished and primed. This will protect the parquet from deformation and improve the adhesion of the primer and varnish.

If the floor is new, then grind it first with a grinding machine with an abrasive tape with a grain of 30-60. The value of the new or deterioration of the old parquet determines the number of car passages. For refinement, flat -grinding machines are used. If the machine is not equipped with a vacuum cleaner, then household or industrial vacuum cleaners must be used.

For putty seams, you can use special compounds or wood dust that remains after grinding, and connecting. Switch paste is rubbed between the strips using a spatula. When the putty hardens, you need to go over again, having previously removed traces from the planks, so that in their place after the varnish is not formed, whitish traces are formed.

The primer impregnates the pores of the tree, reduces the flow of varnish and retains the natural color of the tree. If you need to give a certain type (under cherry, under a nut, etc.D.), after grinding, special stains are used.

Parquet can varnish three large groups – on a solvent, water -based and two -component.

Water -based varnishes, or water -dispersic, are highly wear -resistant, safe for health. So that after the coating, air bubbles do not form, it is not recommended to apply varnish with painting rollers with foam nozzles.

Lacques on solvents contain alkyd resins, which can lead to a significant change in the color of the wood of parquet strips.

If a two -component varnish is used, then you need to mix the components a little and quickly use.

Usually the parquet is covered at least 3-4 layers of varnish. If you want the surface to be mirrored, it will be already required 5-6 layers. During work on covering the parquet varnish, compulsory ventilation should be turned off and not allowing drafts. The humidity in the room should be 45-65%.

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