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One of the best innovations in tools: Bosch GLM 15 measuring device

by USAInvest

Summing up last year, it is also necessary to mention the appearance of interesting tools on the market. So, in the summer, the Bosch GLM 15 measuring device appeared on the market, which, in our opinion, is worthy to be in the list of the best new market goods this year.

Previously, workers have encountered two measurement methods. First – measuring tape. She is familiar to everyone, but this is not the most convenient tool, if one person works, and she can fail exactly. Laser measuring tool is the second measurement method. It gives greater accuracy, but there may be more than a regular roulette. And it costs more.

Bosch GLM 15 laser rangefinder combines the good old roulette with laser tapes. It is accurate, simple, understandable and has portable dimensions. Its cost is $ 49, but it is also supplied at a different price in improved models for professionals with features for workers of various branches of construction and industry.

Bosch GLM 15 has only one button. One person can easily use the device, and the accuracy of the definitions will be excellent.

The user presses the button once – the device turns on. The user presses the button again, the measurements are recorded. To finish the work with the device, you need to click and hold all the same button.

Bosch GLM 15 is quite small to fit in your pocket, but this does not worsen its accuracy. He can also measure distances in those areas where an ordinary roulette is not able to. And even bending the tape is not necessary to measure between the two corners, since the device itself is flat and compact.

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