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Notarial translation of documents from Georgian

by USAInvest

You arrived in Moscow, but do not accept documents? They talk about some translation of your personal documents?

If you really are faced with a similar problem, then you need to contact an agency that directly deals with the transfer of work books from Georgian. In general, such agencies are engaged in the translation of any necessary documents and not only from Georgian, but also to the Georgian language.

The transfer can also be subject to personal documents that were issued in the Georgian SSR, for example, a birth certificate, about death, or, about marriage. The fact is that at that time it was often filled in only one, native language, that is, in Georgian.

It may also be necessary to transfer various educational documents that are issued by the Georgian Ministry of Education. And also, the documents that were issued to you by the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the registry office.

At this stage, almost all state organizations of the Russian Federation, such as passport tables, pension funds, registry offices, require notarial translation.

Even if you were worried about this in advance, you gave the document for a transfer in Georgia, this will not solve the problem by great regret. The fact is that the notarial translation that was completed in Georgia may not be operating in Moscow, even if your document was not partially translated, but all completely, since the trust inscription will most likely be only in Georgian. Well, also a stamp, it is necessary that it be in Russian.

If necessary, you can transfer a driver’s license, work book, military ID, power of attorney and much more.

You can give your documents for transfer to various agencies who are doing this.

Even for the FMS, it is necessary to translation of documents into Russian. If all the information, in your certificate, is written in Russian, and the seal in the document in Georgian, then this very seal must also be translated into Russian.

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