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Glyftal primer

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Gliftal primer (GF primer) is a suspension of coloring pigments, such as lead sword and zinc white, and filler (the role of which is played by talc). All this composition is mixed in a mixture of glyftal varnish and solvent. Siccatives and stabilizer are added to all components.

This type of primer is designed for pre -processing and preparing metal surfaces for the subsequent coating of various kinds of enamels. The best way to apply this primer is using a spray gun, however, you can use a simple painting brush.

This primer belongs to the subspecies of alkyd primers and is used to cover surfaces not particularly hydrophobic (mainly wood or metals). Due to its composition, glyftal primer provides high anti -corrosion and gives the treated surface good adhesion for the subsequent application of paint and varnishes.

Often, the glypttal primer found its use in construction.

It is used as a supporting layer for multi -layer surfaces. But you can also use this type of primer as temporary protection from the environment of metal products. In its chemical composition, the glyftal primer allows you to use it together with many types of colors and enamels. The exception is Silicon-Organic paint.

After processing with a glyftal primer, the product or surface acquires an even semi -glossy “shell” which can be polished and then applied to decorative painting. This “shell” in appearance is opaque, durable, homogeneous and has good protective properties against the manifestation of rust.

Mandatory contraindication is the use of glyftal primer for the processing of gypsum or plastered surfaces. This is justified by the fact that the primer causes a high roughness of this type of surface, which is extremely not acceptable.

To work with glyftal primer, a spray gun or brush is used. You can, depending on the size, dip the processed product. All work is carried out at an ambient temperature of at least 50 C and not more than 300C.

To dilute the glyftal primer, the following list of solvents is used:

• 646 solvent

• Solvent

• xylol

Despite the apparent speed of drying of the primer (hardening occurs after three four hours after application), complete drying occurs after a day.

Do not forget about precautions when working with glyftal primer. High toxicity and fire hazard transfers this type of primer to especially dangerous. Therefore, processing and other types of work with this primer should be carried out in a well -ventilated room with fire extinguishing agents.

Summing up, it can be noted that the glyftal primer, despite its high degree of danger, is still an excellent means for high -quality processing and preparing surfaces and has high indicators in the quality of quality.

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