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Well and well in the country

by USAInvest

Every amateur gardener wants his own source of water in his dacha. It can be a well or a well that differ among themselves as a price category and the duration of construction robots. But the service life is approximately the same, so you decide what to choose – a well or a well. However, you must know that the deeper the water, the more advantages towards the well, but this is only on condition that all the breeds that lie above do not contain stones.

If you decide to build a well in the country, then you need to find out the depth of the location of the underground water, its quantity and quality. As for the conditions of the occurrence, several types of groundwater are distinguished, namely ground, high -water and artesian. It is also necessary to pay attention to various breeds, their character.

In order to decide on the place for the well, it is better to resort to help to specialists who should be well aware of the hydrological situation in the area and carry out this work qualitatively. When choosing a place for a well, you should give preference to sources that are located at least 25 meters from possible sources of pollution (for example, a cattle yard, restrooms, baths, etc. D.). But you can also independently search for water for the future well. For this, they use the folk method, namely, they use crossed wires with the letter “g”. But you need to be careful, since no one knows what kind of water it is and how much iron and other impurities are contained in it.

Every 3 years it is necessary to clean the well. The cleaning of the wells in the suburbs is used, firstly, in order not to use contaminated water, and secondly, so that you do not have to dig a new well. Since the amount of mucus on the walls, unusual taste and unpleasant odor can make it unsuitable for use.

The entire cleaning process is customary to be divided into several stages, including: pumping water; Cleaning the walls, the bottom of the well and repair the well before the start of operation. In general, repairs are necessary to deepen the well or seal of seams and cracks. If you can and are confident in your abilities, then you can repair yourself. If not, then you can call specialists.

The well in the country is mainly drilled when a small volume of water is needed, which will be used by small water supply systems. The positive side of this type of water supply is its low cost and quick arrangement compared to the well. And also absolutely no approval with various instances is needed, this is if you drill a well up to 30 meters deep. The only disadvantage of such wells is the short time of operation, since the volume of water is not known. Therefore, such wells can function up to 8 years, and compressor pumping is periodically necessary.

You read all our tips, but the final decision on the water supply is made only to you!

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