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Mangolia Starry: Tender exotic

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With one glance at the swollen fluffy buds of the magnolia stella (Magnolia Stellata) you immediately understand: Spring has entered into its rights! This small tree dissolves flowers much earlier than its more popular tall relative among gardeners, Magnolia of Sulange (Magnolia x Soulangeana).

But the flowering timing is not their only species difference: stellar magnolia is much lower and rarely reaches a height of more than 3 m. Thanks to a small height, this leafy tree plant is perfect for landscaping a small kindergarten or flower garden.

The star crown of the stellate magnolia takes a dense, wide -term shape and looks very attractive, so the plant does not need a formative pruning. Fragrant flowers of magnolia stellar are smaller than that of tall species, but more numerous. Despite the early beginning of the growing season, the trees of the stellar magnolias almost do not suffer from returning spring frosts, their buds and flowers can withstand a short -term decrease in temperature to -5 ° C. If the thermometer column drops even lower, the flowers acquire . Brown coloring, which, of course, affects the decorativeness of the plant, but not its vitality.

The efforts of the breeders were bred by the varieties of the stellar ‘Waterlyly’ and ‘Royal Star’, the flowering of which begins 7-14 days later than that of the majority of the plant of this species, so they practically do not undergo spring frosts. The flowers of these varieties are larger than other representatives of Magnolia Stellata, and consist of more petals.

The flowering magnolia looks unusually picturesque, at the foot of which a carpet of primroses is spread. It is easy to create from spring-flowering onion plants. Just remember that magnolia has superficial and rather sensitive roots, so it is better to plant bulbs simultaneously with magnolia.


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