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Burning airship

by USAInvest

Twenty -seven billion tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere every year. This led to an increase by one degree of Celsius of the global temperature starting with the industrial revolution. The release of carbon causes global warming around the world, leading to hurricanes, increasing levels of the seas, spreading deserts, and loss of arable land. SKYGLOW – заполненный дирижабль 200 метрового гелия, который является солнечный приведенный в действие и окутанный гибким OLED освещение мембраны. Skyglow will be controlled by the main centers of the population concentration on any continent and is boiled in these locations. Multiple smaller accurate copies of Skyglow, equipped with a questionnaire survey of the touch screen, will form an interactive night park at the basis. The public will be invited to answer that these questionnaires on carbon have tied problems in our homes, transport selection, and recirculation levels.

In turn, this information will eat in the lighting of a small Skyglows. The colors are located from red, where the results are poor to the blue, which shows a change for the better. The goals can be advised, and the public can re -visit Night Park to re -calculate their carbon trace. All this information will then eat in the main Skyglow, along with the levels of energy consumption of a single energy system and information about the quality of air.The intention is that within a short period of time, the impact of a positive choice will have a visible value for OLED Skyglow products.The project was developed by Ross Orror, Gary Dubari, Andy Kili and Adam Lori, who took part in the back to work a scheme called Greenshoots. Greenshoots gave unemployed professionals in the construction industry the opportunity to work on Evolo competition in a living work environment, which was please, provided by FHP architects.

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