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How to choose a mixer for the kitchen?

by USAInvest

Choose a mixer for the kitchen with appropriate attention. If you make an error here, then the resource of the new mixer will be at an unacceptable low level. Given the rather high prices for the latest types of mixers, it becomes obvious that the speed of choice is not important here, but a thorough knowledge of the subject.

So what faucets exist in our market?

The most popular are traditional screw mixers. And there are serious reasons for this.

Firstly, the use of inexpensive casees allows us to achieve a significant increase in the resource of work of such a simple and extremely effective mixer.

Secondly, such mixers are not at all afraid of the low quality of tap water, which is observed in domestic realities. It is not a big secret that in domestic tap water in abundance there is mechanical dirt in the form of sand or even stones. Of course, such a mixer “sings” from the pebble that came from, but does not fail.

But if the quality of tap water in the region is at a fairly high level, then you can opt for single -sided mixers, in which a locking mechanism is a special hollow ball, which regulates the supply of cold or hot water.

A single -leaf mixer is convenient in that you no longer have to twist the screws that may refuse at the most inopportune moment.

Among their advantages, a built -in thermostat can also be noted. It is enough to set the desired water temperature and such a mixer will support it in an automatic cycle. The thermostat is powered using ordinary batteries, the work resource of which is from six months to a year.

When water saving is on the agenda, in this case, the installation of ceramic mixers, whose working surfaces are made from special ceramic plates, are convenient for the fact that not a single water molecule will be an ideal solution. As a rule, such mixers are equipped with a special aerator, which is intended for one – the formation of a stable water jet with different water pressure. So that such a aerator can work out its laid resource, it is customary to clean it from mechanical interspersed once every several months.

In the domestic market there are widely present faucets with a retractable spout. This valuable addition allows the hostess of the dwelling with extraordinary ease to wash vegetables or fruits in the second sink. Когда требуется срочно набрать ведро воды для домашних нужд, то отныне не нужно устанавливать ведро в раковину и с большими усилиями его убирать. It will be quite enough to use a sliding watering can and this problem will be quickly solved.

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