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How to choose a plot for the construction of a private house

by USAInvest

The sale of land for the construction of a dwelling has a number of features. It should be remembered that a private cottage can be built not on all sorts of land. The law suggests that each plot of land, regardless of the form of ownership, has a purpose and belongs to a particular group. Among these groups, agricultural lands, industrial lands, lands for forestry, as well as land for private construction are allocated. Of course, it is necessary to purchase such a site that is adapted specifically for private construction. Remember that if you built a house on the land that is intended for agriculture, it is impossible to register it, and it is also impossible to register it in it. It is because of this that the cost of summer cottages is much lower than those that are adapted for private development.

At the moment, the sale of land for construction does not imply a fixed area – you can easily find such a one that meets your requirements. Experts advise focus on observing proportions so that the area of ​​the house belongs to the area of ​​the site, like 1 to 10.

Before choosing a plot for the construction of a private house, remember the likely pitfalls. First of all, find out where soil waters are located, which matter the main enemy of all developers. If the site is very moisturized, then it will not be possible to even perform work on laying the foundation. In addition, in the spring or autumn, the country road can become impassable, and therefore you simply will not be able to drive up to the site.

At this time, the sale of the site for construction does not imply simultaneous gas, electricity and water, but when buying a site, you need to know exactly when these work will be carried out. Otherwise there is a significant risk of living without amenities for many years.

A significant role, undoubtedly, should be assigned to the environmental factor. Should focus on areas that are sufficiently removed from industrial production. However, it will not be superfluous to check the land using a dosimeter, as well as ask if there was a past nearby harmful production, as well as warehouses of dangerous goods. You should also not buy plots near the power transmission line or powerful broadcasting stations.

Remember that you should choose the “right” distance from the site to the city. Like it or not, you will have to work in the city, and therefore give the correct assessment to your capabilities. Sometimes even the presence of its own car makes a difficult trip to the city if the roadway is noticeable by snow or dissolved from water during the spring flood.

Finally, it is worth saying that you can buy exclusively privatized land, and therefore try to deal with trusted seller organizations so as not to encounter scammers.

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