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Is it possible to glue wallpaper on the wallpaper?

by USAInvest

The question is whether it is possible to glue wallpaper on the wallpaper, everyone who does repairs in their own apartment is interested. We answer immediately – all coatings and old wallpapers before carrying out work as pasting should be removed completely. First, for this, add a special solvent to the water to remove wallpaper, then you need to wait a little so that a slight chemical reaction occurs, and then you need to wet the old wallpaper.

After the water gets into old wallpaper, you can start to tear them off.

Such a process should be repeated if necessary. You probably will need to first perfume or polish the wallpaper using a special gear roller. This may be required if you have old washing wallpaper, in this case they must first be perforated (pierce a lot of small holes) using a special gear roller. This should be done so that the water penetrates even better into their structure. Once again, we remind you that you do not need to glue new wallpapers on the old!

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In the case when a paper remains from the torn wallpaper on the wall, which served as the basis, the wallpaper of the corresponding type can be glued on them only if they are reliable. Do not forget that this paper, which serves as the basis for wallpaper, should be removed if you plan to stick wallpaper that do not miss moisture. It can be metal wallpapers or detergents.

The most uncomfortable surface for gluing wallpaper is the basis on which oil was applied to concrete, oil paint or varnish. It happens that in the wallpaper that they have a lot of stress, as a rule, the edges lag behind. This can happen even when using dispersion adhesive.

In this case, if their surface was treated with any alkaline tool, it should be required to provide roughness. Then this processed surface should be carefully rinse with cold water. In addition, we recommend that when preparing such a surface for gluing wallpaper, additionally apply a primer on it and glue a special waste paper on the wall, which is sold in rolls.

In addition, there is a special tool to facilitate the subsequent replacement of wallpaper. It contributes to the fact that all wallpaper during subsequent replacements tearing away from the surface with whole canvases in dry form. Such surface treatment is recommended directly if there are detergents and moisture -resistant wallpapers, because even after multiple replacement, such wallpaper will be easily removed from the wall.

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