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Calculation of the foundation on screw piles

by USAInvest

The construction of the house is, first of all, a large preparatory work, the initial component of which is the calculation of the foundation, t. to. It depends on whether the building will serve for many years or “fall apart” even in the construction process. Since in individual construction they began to use more and more foundations on screw piles, we will get acquainted with the stages of calculating foundations of this type.

Stages of calculating the foundation

The calculation of the foundation is divided into several stages, which are carried out in the following sequence:

calculation of the strength of one pile, based on the mechanical properties of the material and the size of the cross -section of the pipe for it;

calculation of the maximum loads that the soil can withstand at the construction site;

calculation of the entire foundation, on the bearing capacity.

It is very difficult to calculate the foundation, not to a professional, therefore, with individual construction, they use the results of already worked out practical experience.

Practical recommendations for calculating the foundation

When calculating the first, from these stages, it is recommended to take that pile from a steel pipe with a cross section of 108 x 4 mm and a diameter of a screw blade 300 mm is capable of working under load:

in sandy ground – up to 9 tons;

in clay soil – up to 4 tons;

in a loose breed containing about 10% clay – up to 6 tons.

When calculating the permissible loads on the ground, in addition to the results of calculating the pile, the following parameters are taken into account:

Type of soil, its composition and properties;

the maximum and minimum level of groundwater, depending on the time of year;

total maximum weight of the building.

These parameters can only be obtained by conducting geological research, however, this is a very expensive service. Therefore, they often use data, for example, after drilling a well or based on the experience of building houses in neighboring areas.

Sometimes, during construction in central Russia, as an information of a recommendatory nature, they accept the depth of the pile of 3 to 7 meters.

The full final calculation of the foundation on screw stilts is carried out taking into account:

the weight of the building, including the weight of all equipment, furniture, pool, etc. P., In this case, the layout is drawn up, indicating the loads in it in different parts of the building;

the weight of the snow cover on the roof of the building;

maximum wind load in this region and t. D.

Depending on the dimensions of the building, the number of piles is selected, which are customary to be located at a distance of 1.5-3 m from each other, while the pile installation step should take into account the distribution of the load according to the above layout.

Information in this article is aimed at assisting those who decided to build a house on their own or avoid deception, from the involved specialists, an overestimation of the volume of work.

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