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Color “water -emulsion”

by USAInvest

The basis of such a paint is the water in which the binding polymer base and coloring pigments are introduced, so it has another name – water -dispersive. Such paint does not have a pungent odor, harmful fumes. If it has not yet dried up, it is well washed off with soap.

Paint can be applied to many surfaces, with the exception of metal and surfaces previously covered with glossy paint. But on the surface covered with water -based paint, any paint lies well.

The Water Emulsion misses water vapor, which makes it possible to cover brick, concrete, plaster, even external surfaces.

Water evaporates from the paint applied to the surface, and the remaining polymer base becomes solid.

The paint does not exfoliate, well supports the microclimate in residential premises.

True, matte emulsion colors are unstable to abrasion, therefore they cannot withstand frequent washing, but they do not give glare.

It is very important that the paint is of good quality: when using cheap paint, a “chalk effect” is possible even after the paint has long been applied.

Acrylic paint is the most advanced water -based paint, since it is made on the basis of acrylic resins and creates a more solid surface. But at a price it is more expensive than a conventional water -based. Replacing such paint can be used moisture -resistant paint.

Sometimes latex is added to the paint, which makes the paint water -repellent. This surface can often be washed even with a brush, unlike a surface covered with ordinary water -based paint, which can only be wiped.

It will have to be paid more for latex paints, but when applying two layers, they can cover surfaces with cracks up to 1 mm. Due to low gas permeability, acrylic paint can be applied to reinforced concrete, on plaster – only after waiting for a month after plastering. But for rooms with poor waterproofing, it is not suitable. Silicone or silicate paint is suitable for such rooms.

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