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Making paving slabs at home

by USAInvest

Often, people before buying something first recognize the cost. In the case of paving slabs, the price is so high that many simply cannot afford it, therefore they are looking for various ways to make it at home. However, experience shows that such a process is quite laborious and requires considerable finances, so in the end everything is not as profitable as we would like.

Where to begin?

Most people want to engage in the manufacture of paving slabs for only one reason, namely-there is no need to purchase specialized equipment at a frantic cost. In fact, if you need to make a small amount of tiles, then only molds and materials for the manufacture of the solution will be required, but the quality of the products will be low. So, you need to have several shovels, buckets, necessarily a concrete mixer, tile shapes, vibro -resistant and even surface. Such equipment is enough even to start large -scale tile production, however, this is not about that now.

Forms for tiles

Surely you are wondering what forms you need to choose. In fact, there are many diverse forms of paving slabs. Therefore, the choice will depend only on your preferences and wishes. For purchase, you can use even a specialized online store. If you want to save on them, you can use some kind of ship or create a design using boards.

Making tiles

This process begins with mixing the solution, for this it is best to use a concrete mixer. If it is absent, you can take a mixer, but if you want to add crushed stone, it is better to use a concrete mixer.

First, you need to fill in the plasticizer and the necessary dye, then the sand with cement and, as needed, crushed stone. Water is poured during mixing. The substance should be either too dry or very liquid, because this will seriously affect the quality of the tile itself. Then, when the solution is mixed, it must be scattered by forms, and the surface is smoothed with a trowel.

Now you will need a flat surface to put on it forms with a solution where they will stand until they harden. It will have to wait about two days, it all depends on the air temperature.

As soon as the solution froze, it is necessary to extract it from the shape, if your tile has large sizes, for example, 35×35, then there will be no problems. In the case of small tiles, you need to use the vibration stream. Before starting the knocking out, you need to pour the tiles with hot water, thus soften the shape and the tile will lag behind.

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