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Choose a gas boiler for a country house.

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In recent years, many varieties have appeared on the domestic market of heating systems: from electric boilers to diesel. But it is traditional gas boilers that firmly hold the palm among the rest of the heating equipment.

This fact is explained very simply. Gas boilers are still in a low price (not compared in boilers on pellets!), have an excellent level of efficiency and make it possible to get hot water for the household. Such boilers are usually called gas boilers of a double -circuit type. They have an additional impressive boiler, where in constant mode and hot water is collected, heated from the wick. Hot water obtained in a gas boiler is still considered the cheapest. In diesel or electrical versions of the boilers, the production of hot water from the second circuit is associated with large expenses of organic fuel or electricity.

From adding the second circuit, the power of the entire gas system is slightly lost. But still – the addition of the second circuit is an economically profitable business.

How to calculate the power of a gas boiler?

Everything is quite simple. A simple formula is used here: 1 kW of the power of a gas boiler per 10 kV is required. m. heated room at the height of the ceilings up to 2.8-3 m.

What are the differences of gas systems having an atmospheric or fan burner?

All gas heating systems that have fan burners in their design are capable of working on almost different types of fuel. That is, quickly switch from natural gas to diesel fuel. This is a rather convenient thing if one type of fuel ends and has to switch to another. In winter conditions, when the house quickly cools without heating, this approach allows you to maintain heat in the house.

Atmospheric boilers are equipped with an ordinary atmospheric gas burner, which can be suitable for burning liquefied or natural gas.

The obvious advantage of gas boilers equipped with an atmospheric burner is the fact that they are completely silent in work. Such boilers are appreciated by those rural residents who may not allow a turbine working at night, which is available to modern versions of gas boilers working in the turbine. But turbocharged boilers working on electricity have a larger level of efficiency with the same consumption of “blue” fuel, which makes such boilers more popular with their atmospheric analogues.

Когда возникает необходимость в получении большего тепла в доме (допустим, наблюдается резкое падение давление газа в газовой магистрали), то к трубам отопления врезаются специальные циркуляционные насосы, позволяющие на порядок увеличить циркуляцию теплоносителя по всему дому. In this case, the traditional gravitational heating system turns into circulation, excellent for its high level of efficiency and ease of maintenance.

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