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The developed installation of MTV awards was included in the final list for Australian interior design prizes of 2010 environmentally supported category of project. Suspended in the Sydney Conference Center for the 2009 Prize program, the sculpture provided an intensive visual environment for the global series. The project is immediately comforting, but still outsiders. Most often, his inspiration of the project from natural samples found, possibly, in membranes and assets, the digital project was understood in a light structure using the latest digital production and equipment. The project seeks to create more with less. 108 m3 spaces are included within the minimum surface area of ​​568 m2 and uses 113.6 kg. light material. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of eye delight to maintain an inconsistent television audience glued to their places, since the attractive internal environment supports the experience of the MTV prize worked with the Gulio Hulio Hulio, and the programmableman Robin Piono to develop a graphics that was designed according to each musical representation. Graphics were also used to create a full atmosphere of celebration, creative potential and energy.

The extensible membrane company maximum MAK produced the structure of Utlizing their unique environment of operations, which transforms complex and accurate forms from the digital project to digital production.Australian interior design prizes recognize and celebrate the superiority of interior design through a probable program based on the industry, which is supported by the Australian Institute, a professional organization representing Australian developers.

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