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Ideas for facade decor.

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Modern ideas of facade decor.

In modern architecture, the facade decor is attached to great importance. This is understandable: after all, the appearance of the house depends on the design of your cottage, competently thought out architectural forms, which, with the right approach to the use of various architectural elements, will every time delight you and cause unchanged envy of your neighbors.

Today’s facade design style requires architects and designers of the mandatory use of facade stucco molding. It is stucco molding that allows you to realize the most daring creative solutions and emphasize the originality of the design of your home.

Modern architecture is known several initial materials for the manufacture of facade stucco molding. Traditionally, wood and gypsum are popular in the manufacture of stucco. Each of these materials is not devoid of shortcomings. The tree does not differ in durability, subject to decay, it is cracking and destroyed by insects. GIPS, although it is distinguished by a beautiful appearance, it is very inconvenient to install, it is hard to attach and will require regular restoration. Stucco molding for a facade of concrete or artificial stone also has a large weight, which causes a collapse of the facade or balcony, while their installation is very expensive.

Understanding the disadvantages of existing decorative elements, science was busy searching for new materials for facade decor elements. In the 70s of the last century, a technology for manufacturing stucco molding from a high-quality polymer-polyurethane polymer was developed. This is a practical, environmentally friendly and durable material. Foam stucco molding is convenient during transportation, processing, it allows you to implement any, even the most daring design solutions. This facade stucco molding is deprived of the shortcomings of traditional materials: thanks to its structure with closed pores, it does not crack, is not subject to decay, weighs much less heavy materials from stone and concrete. You can apply it standing on a regular staircase or construction forests, but even better modern telescopic lifts are suitable for this specially designed for such work. The surface of the stucco molding from foam is processed with a special coating that provides it with many years of operation, and if necessary, it can be painted in any color. Thanks to this facade stucco of foam, you can give the form of facade decor made of wood, natural stone, gypsum or any other traditional decorative element, and it will look like them not only externally, but also to the touch. Лепнина из пенопласта благодаря своей структуре является влагостойкой. Like a tree can be sawed, to score nails into it, processed in various ways.

All this makes the facade stucco of foam a leader in the American and European markets of facade elements.

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