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How to glue bamboo wallpapers yourself

by USAInvest

Bamboo wallpapers consist of thin racks, which are made of split bamboo, which are recorded on the basis of fabric. These wallpapers not only repel dust, but also do not fade. Often, with their help glue large rooms, as well as ceilings and furniture. These wallpapers are made of natural raw materials and are characterized by noticeable strength.

But not everyone knows how to glue them on their own.

In fact, bamboo wallpaper is very easy. They are perfectly taken on a brick, spaced or cement wall. But they can be attached to a timber or fiberboard using small nails.

Before gluing bamboo wallpaper, it is necessary to rinse the surface of the wall well and let it dry. It is better not to glue such wallpapers on plaster. Vinyl is perfect from glue. By the way, it is not recommended to use water -containing glue in the process of gluing.

After applying the glue to the surface of the wall and the wallpaper itself, he needs to give some time to absorb a little time. Thanks to this, it will be possible to perceive inconsistencies and discrepancies, as well as the formation of bubbles. Bamboo wallpaper should be glued gradually, slightly pressing the wallpaper. It is recommended to use a special wallpaper roller in the process.

In a word, gluing this type of wallpaper is not much different from working with simple wallpaper, the main thing is to choose a quality glue.

Among modern building materials used for internal and outdoor decoration, classical ceramic tiles are on leading positions. It is successfully laid on vertical and horizontal surfaces. She is easily washed and serves for a long time.

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