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Raster lamps for suspended ceilings »Prices, features

by USAInvest

Raster lamps for suspended ceilings are a modification of classic lighting devices in which fluorescent lamps in the form of tubes are used as a light source. These devices are equipped with a special grill. It not only promotes the reflection and dispersion of light, but also eliminates the possibility of a lamp falling out of the case.

There are the following types of gratings that can be equipped with lamps of the described type:

shielding mirror – the most common option, widely used in office rooms. Recognition gained for its versatility and relatively low cost;

parabolic – thanks to it, the created lighting is completely not tiring for the eyes. Most often found in rooms characterized by high patency. In some cases, serves to organize round -the -clock lighting. For example, waiting rooms for airports and railway stations, reception chambers of medical institutions;

mirror biparabolic – makes it possible to create an even background of lighting (main). Without any sharp shadows and glare there. Due to the complicated system of the location of the reflectors, the lamp does not blind when looking at it.

Features of the product

This variety of lighting devices is popular for the reason that it can provide the most convenient level of illumination for vision. Moreover, the type of room does not matter at all. It can be anything:



shopping room;

apartment or private house.

The use of raster lamps for suspended ceilings makes it possible to mount a small number of devices. In this case, losses in the level of illumination are not observed. In addition, there is savings on the installation and maintenance process. It is allowed to operate these devices not only with suspended systems, but also with ordinary ceilings. They are especially useful if the installation of suspended chandeliers is impossible due to the features of the geometry of the room.

Since the type of lighting devices under consideration is installed directly in the ceiling plane, the case is obviously not for anything. During installation, fixing the fixtures in specific places is performed using suspensions or brackets.

As for the cost of products, there are more than plenty of space for maneuver. The cheapest and most angry option is Chinese Elektrostandard products. Prices for it start from 40 rubles per unit. A little more expensive Hungarian Novotech. Here we are talking about 60 rubles and higher for one device. Italian LightStar is also not too expensive a segment of products. For one lamp you need to pay from 340 rubles. Premium class products are, for example, the Belgian Massive brand. VETA series lamp will cost 1,810 rubles. Some particularly expensive varieties, for example, Brilliant or Blitz (both Germany) are delivered only to order.

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