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Key points of registration of LLC

by USAInvest

In order to get a chance to proudly call yourself the owner of the company/company, it is necessary to pre-draw up a work plan, provide financing and choose an organizational and legal form, which in the best way corresponds to the selected area of ​​activity.

Today, the registration of LLC is very often used, as the most universal and convenient form of the existence of a legal entity. The main advantage is that the responsibility for the activities is carried out only within the framework of the capital formed during the organization.

But with all its advantages, the LLC can be used not in every case. For example, pawnshops, banks and many other financial structures cannot work within the framework of an LLC, and are forced to choose other forms of management.

In addition, at the beginning of the way you will have to face a lot of serious and secondary issues, each of which will require an immediate solution.

Most of them will be spelled out in the business plan, but when implementing its individual points, you need to be prepared, which is not so easy to find, for example, the one who will provide accounting services, Kyiv will only offer a huge army of specialists, but how to choose and to choose and inexpensive, experienced, and responsible, and so on.

The choice of taxation schemes

Today 2 tax schemes work, between which entrepreneurs of Ukraine choose. One of them was called a common, the second – simplified.

The latter is suitable for small businesses, since there is a minimum of reporting and a simple tax system that reduces the load. But the flip side is a number of restrictions – by the number of people, in terms of annual income, etc.

With total, there are no limits by the number of employees or profit, but the number of reports and the amount of taxes increases.

What stages is the registration

To draw up an LLC, you will need to collect some documents and fill out a special registration card, which can be obtained from the state registrar.

After filling out and preparing documents, he should convey all this. Having checked the correctness of filling out and the accuracy of the information provided, the state registrar will send data on the registered person to other state structures that will take it on.

After that, the data on the new business entity is entered into the USR, and the applicant is issued a special extract on his hands. Having received it, you can open a bank account on the created legal entity, order a seal and start work!

If there is no much desire to engage in these troubles, then you can always turn to qualified intermediaries who take on each of the stages of the registration procedure.

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