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We increase the living area at the expense of the loggia

by USAInvest

Many people who live in one-room apartments or studio apartments ask the same question: how to extract maximum benefits and space from a modest area of ​​housing? Trying to increase the room at least visually, we buy ergonomic furniture, bring light shades into the interior, come up with options for how and where to compactly contain a table, sofa and cabinet. But at the same time, we often do not use all the existing possibilities of the space that we have at the disposal. If your apartment has a loggia, then you are insanely lucky. After all, if there is a small living space even on its scale, you can acquire, for example, an office or a separate recreation area.

Lodge is a kitchen

So, you have a loggia and a small kitchen in area. A successful solution would be to use the kitchen space for the dining room or recreation area, and make the kitchen out of the loggia. To do this, of course, it is necessary to coordinate small redevelopments with the corresponding authorities, because you will need to bring all the necessary communications (electricity, water). These are perhaps the main points of alteration when creating a kitchen in the space of the loggia. You can easily come up with the design yourself, but you will have to tinker with communications. Bring the hood right out into the street, so condensate will not accumulate indoors. And it is more advisable to replace the gas stove with electrical.

Lodge is an office

You work a lot at home? You just need a separate space for the study. Insulate the loggia, place a small computer table and chair there, lay the carpet – and your office is almost ready for use. Now you can find many racks for folders and papers that do not occupy large space, and compact furniture is not uncommon. And the beautiful view from a huge window will be a great addition to business surroundings.

Lodge – the garden

The loggia must be well insulated, aesthetic repair and equipped with racks, suspended shelves for plants. Now add furniture: small wicker chairs, rug are perfect – and we can enjoy our personal winter garden.

Lodge is a bar

We demolish the wall between the loggia and the room (this requires coordination with proper services, as it is a redevelopment). In the zone where the window sill was previously located, we install the bar rack. Add pendants for glasses, high chairs and other attributes of an exquisite pub. Now you have your own bar, which will perfectly complement the overall design of the apartment. Just don’t forget the loggia to warm up first. The cost of such turnkey repair is available to most families with average income.

So, even in a small area you can create an original and unequal interior and use the entire useful space of the apartment to the maximum.

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