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Camine furnaces are cast -iron

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Camine furnaces are cast -iron

Interior of the material for repair

Camine fireboards are widely used in people who have country houses for the most comfortable use of fireplaces, full control of the combustion process, as well as for the greatest safety. In accordance with all this firebox, an excellent design solution and when it is installed in the house, a certain comfort and comfort appears. Topies are divided into two types:

-They have an open hearth

-has a closed hearth with a door made of creative

Closed fireboxes are also divided into:





-Bilateral with glass

-Trilateral with glass

-Glass with a certain size

The door of the firebox can also open in different ways and are divided into two types:

-Thanks to a special mechanism up

-to the side that many furnaces really like the buyers

In closed furnaces, heating occurs due to the fact that the walls are heated together and that most importantly is very safe, which maximally increases comfort in use. It also protects the room from the unwanted hit of sparks and coal, which can easily lead to the fire of the whole house. The doors are made of high -strength materials and allows you to withstand temperatures even up to 700 degrees. When buying the firebox, it is necessary to choose the right material from which it is made, in most cases, cast iron or steel are considered the most common. These two materials are considered as strong as possible, and also have high quality. The furnaces made of cast iron heat up very slowly and are also slowly detected.

Steel are made of highly alloyed steel and are not much inferior to cast -iron steel. Steel have advantages in the manufacture of doors that can be performed in various views, shape and so on. Therefore, when choosing any type of furnace, you should know that everything is made of high -quality materials, which gives an undeniable advantage.

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