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Landscape lighting.

by USAInvest

Landscape lighting, it is not just lanterns and illumination of your site, it is an art, exactly the same as creating a landscape.To cover the entire landscape design of the site completely, you need not only to understand electricity, you need to be aware of technology, have material and design experience. If all the same, I want to try yourself in this matter, you need to get acquainted with some rules.

What is the goal of creating a full lighting of the landscape throughout its territory? The fact that the security, safe and aesthetic lighting function should be combined.

The security function serves from the penetration of strangers to your site. Rarely, what daredevil will want to climb into the territory covered on all sides. But if there are dark, not lit areas on the site, the temptation for unclean people’s hands will be great. After all, it will be invisible either for passers -by from the street, or for the owners of the house.

It is best to make bright lighting for the key points of the estate, so you will see details that do not fall into the lighting zone. In addition, bright light sources, not only are thieves scared away, but they will not allow the attacker to navigate in space. The transition from darkness to bright light will cause discomfort in humans.

A designer with experience can quickly determine key points, and you will have to do it yourself. Identify the most vulnerable places where attackers can penetrate, and install the brightest light there.

For security, lighting is also necessary. These can be paths leading to significant objects, porches, steps, objects that can be encountered in the dark.

On the aesthetic side, lighting is necessary to emphasize in your mind the most beautiful places of your site. It can be an unusual flowerbed, or pool, or there may be a gazebo. You can make backlight along the perimeter of all available paths.

Lighting will not only protect your home, but also bring a feeling of peace and joy.

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