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DIY shirma-breeding

by USAInvest

In large companies renting premises in buildings with free layout, in the order of things it is considered to be the placement of several dozen employees in one room. To create a cozy atmosphere of solitude, special mobile office partitions are used.

Exactly the same products are used in the ordinary life of an urban person. Недостаток свободного пространства в доме, квартире требует поиска нестандартных решений для создания комфортных зон.

You can make a simple screenshome-overgrowth with your own hands at home. This will need a simple tool and building materials. The frame of the future partition is made of a strong beam size of 5*5 cm. One section consists of two long, two short bars. For greater strength of short (transverse bars), more.

From these materials, the right number of sections selected in size of the room is collected. Metal corners and screws are used as fasteners. Be sure to observe right angles when assembling the frame, otherwise it will negatively affect the fabric. When fixing the transverse bars at an angle at a distance from the edges, you can achieve a unique originality of forms.

Another material for the frame can be a metal profile, crate. He also gathers, only the corners planted on bolts are used as fasteners.

Между собой секции будущей ширмы соединяются специальными шарнирами. Door awnings are considered the most affordable and original option. The connection of the two sections will require 2-3 awnings. Place hinges so that the sections fold in the form of an accordion. In folded form, it should resemble the letter “z”.

The next step is to fill the frame with the filler. Depending on the place of use of the screen, the aggregate material may radically differ. So, for the bathroom, multi -colored films are used, matte glass. Screens for everyday needs are broken down by chipboard, plywood, drywall. For use in the living room or bedroom, various dense fabrics with a beautiful pattern are perfect. The suede, silk or skin looks rich. A huge selection of colors and patterns will allow you to make a screen for the design of each room.

You can beautifully finish the frame itself with varnish, paint. In some cases, it is glued with special wallpaper with beautiful patterns.

Glass widths are finished by painting or stickers. You can do this at home using a stencil and ready -made vinyl stickers. The fabric can also be broken by patterns and drawings from beads.

A variety of screen decoration is limited exclusively by the fantasy of the Creator. With small financial investments, you can get an excellent partition for any room.

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