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Well for water supply at home

by USAInvest

The construction of wells precisely to ensure all the needs of water supply is good, at least that no paperwork is needed, special permits are not needed for this and for this. And yet, far from everywhere you can build a well. Initially, it is necessary to decide how exactly the amount of water in this area is available, and how quickly the well is filled when watering water. The easiest way to solve all these issues is conversations with neighbors who already have a similar structure. With all this, it is necessary to remember that the well cannot be built in a swampy area, because the quality of such water will be completely unsuitable for drinking, and in addition, such water can be biologically contaminated, and this is what will not allow it to be used for watering. Remember that it is in the swamped soft soil and possibly displacement of the rings, which will become the cause of the marsh well itself in the well itself. The opposite problem is the very process of digging a well in solid and rocky soils. The depth of the well, which is built for the purposes of water supply to the entire private country house, as a rule, does not exceed 15 meters. Digging a well, the depth of which is 20 meters or more – not only very difficult, but also very dangerous, because all such are happy is carried out primarily by hand. It is most preferable when digging a well, if there is a very close layer of water, but there is a reverse side here – in this case, the water quality can be significantly lower. In the well, the water level can increase after the process of melting snow, rains, and, accordingly, decrease in the most arid summer periods. After rain or flood, all the quality of the water deteriorates greatly, because all the rainwater falls into the entire close layer, completely washing off the fields with herbecids and other non -useful fertilizers.

Most often, the volume of water that the deck can give is enough for a small family. For the purposes of water supply, the average performance of the well is 200-250 liters per hour, sometimes 500 liters. For such a reason, for a very large house where many people live, where there is a need to water the garden, as well as satisfy other needs, the well will not work at all.

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The location of the well in a private site must fully comply with all sanitary requirements and rules. The well itself must be placed at a distance of 50 meters from all cesspools, sewers, toilets, fertilizer warehouses. In addition, the well should also be removed 30 meters from all automobile highways. Before digging a well, it is necessary to do a laboratory analysis of all the water of a given area, which costs almost a hundred dollars.

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