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A few words about the decoration of housing frescoes

by USAInvest

Frescoes – this is an artistic painting performed on the walls. Even in ancient times, it was considered a criterion for the prosperity and status of the owner of the house, since a considerable painstaking work is needed to make a painting. In those days, to perform frescoes in the house lived for several months, a master who carried out this work. As a result, the walls came out unique. Artists turned many buildings into impromptu canvases for their creations.

But the time is not worth it, and now you can easily buy frescoes for your apartment or at home. You should not be scared, because today you will not need to settle the artist so that he performs such work, since the signature can be done troublesome using a special printed methodology. Paints used for this – clean from the point of view of ecology, quickly dry and absolutely do not burn out.

The image can be applied to the wall quickly, but because of this it does not lose its beauty. By the way, frescoes can be made according to the selected sketch or image if you contact a specialized company, which is presented on the site. Its catalog has a lot of different options for avant -garde and classic drawings.

As a result, you can get frescoes on the wall, which are outwardly not inferior to the fact that the artists were applied in the old days. Taking advantage of modern materials and technologies, you can fit the frescoes on the wall well into the interior. They can be made on surfaces trimmed with decorative plaster, as well as prepared in various specific ways (craquelure, bossel).

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