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How to repair brickwork

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Often, the owners of the country house reveal the destruction of brickwork. This is mainly due to the dishonesty of builders or non -compliance with the technologies of construction work, in a situation where construction was carried out on their own. If, for example, 3-4 bricks fell from the wall, then it will be enough to simply install them in place or, if they are destroyed, replace them with new. The carrying brick wall that has become unusable is previously strengthened with special supports, and then they begin restoration work, consulting in advance with a professional.

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The work begins with the fact that along the entire perimeter of the broken masonry, they make an incision of the seam and spoiled brick. Do this with a special nozzle drill. If the brick holds quite firmly, then it is knocked out by a hammer and a chisel. After the entire section of the wall is freed from brick and cement mortar, it is necessary to clean the surface of debris and dust with a metal brush. Further, having prepared a cement mortar, proceed to laying out bricks. The solution is first applied to the brick itself, and then on the walls of the masonry bars. The thickness of the cement mortar should not be more than 2 centimeters. A brick attached to the right place is installed by tapping the trowel handle on the brick line. It is necessary to ensure that the new brick is on the same level with a brick wall. The final moment is the expansion.

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