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Fiction and, however, about stoop films

by USAInvest

Unfortunately, you have to regularly hear about the information that all simple nascent films can be safely left on the roof designs, all erected houses throughout the season, that is, in other words for several months. This is a very dangerous misconception that threatens with very unpleasant consequences. Why is it? Let’s figure it out. All temporary roof coatings that are laid on the rafter structure must transfer very significant wind loads, the force of which cannot even withstand tarpaulin. All subcutaneous films are so, especially because they are necessary for thermal insulation of the structures of all the pitched roofs, and are not at all designed for use in such conditions and precisely under the influence of such loads. This type of film, at the same time, has simply unique qualities that are completely unique to all other materials of the preliminary roofing.

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The reflected light of the Sun, and the longer all the roofing material serves under the main coating of the roof of all the pitched roofs, the more different holes in it, different cracks. In addition, some areas of the roof are so made that they cannot let out at all, for example, these are places of the joints of the coating, different values, chimneys, awnings, window holes and further.

All subcutaneous strips have high resistance to the influence of all sunlight due to the existing radiation stabilizers, which completely lose all their properties as ultraviolet rays affect them, in other words, all films simply burn out in the sun. The entire number of stabilizer is designed for the influence of the reflected light on the film itself for several years, but at the same time is calculated in units of time, which determine all the influence of sunlight. Very low vapor -permeable subcutaneous films, which require the presence of ventilation gap, in most cases have resistance to ultraviolet radiation, which corresponds to only 3-4 weeks of direct exposure, but all high -permeable membranes – at least three months.

To date, the manufacture of universal material, which at the same time could be strong in order to withstand the pressure of the wind, a very long effect of all sunlight, and also have very important properties of permeability, water resistance, elasticity and the like, and, in fact, It is completely inappropriate. All subcutaneous films that are laid on the rafters of new buildings as a winter coating, I will, of course, will greatly collapse. If you imagine that the wind will not harm all the film, then they will simply burn out in the sun.

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