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Choose the front door

by USAInvest

Most can say very confidently that “my house is my fortress”, but it doesn’t always work out, because any fortress must have the highest quality gates, and in our case, the doors. It is the doors, just the same, that become the very first obstacle to all the attackers, and it is from the extent to which it is complicated to overcome, and all the safety of your housing will depend. It should be noted right away that there are no non -open doors, and even all metal doors are also vulnerable to the “masters”. So that the seller does not claim to be, talking about all the impregnability, about the supernight of the door, which such doors do not resist the explosion, there are only those that are opened for a long time, which means increased risk. That’s exactly about how to get such a door, we will talk. Absolutely any iron door is made precisely in accordance with the standards of technological production, in other words, absolutely every stage of all work is performed in its own line, and the entire sequence is violated or completely excluded a certain process, it is impossible at all. First you need to find out whether some kind of guarantee for the product itself is given, it is good to study all quality certificates that the seller must show you.

Normal iron doors, not specific, must be endlessly endowed with very high sound and thermal insulation, completely independent of the doors, so that it is impossible to hear what is happening in the apartment or on the landing. They should also not miss the cold at all in the cold, because this will simply become a colossal problem.

You should definitely study all the door locks for the front doors, and there should be two of them and different structures, it is much better if it is a combination of a slurry and cylindrical mechanisms. There should be absolutely no access to the castle from the outside, except for the keyhole. In other words, there should not be any panel that unscrews or breaks down, and thereby allows you to get to the mechanism. The presence of such a plate is also permissible, in the only case, if under it the mechanism is protected by some additional hardened metal strip, which protects against free access.

The door must be equipped with protective crossbars, and in those cases especially when all the door loops are outside. So you can prevent the door to knock out or its removal from the loops. Rigels should be made of very good hardened steel, and due to this they will be able to resist a very strong blow.

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