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Metal tile on your roof. Pros and cons of choice

by USAInvest

Metalchain is quite a popular building material used in private construction as a roof. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this roof covering? Let’s figure it out.At the end of the XIX century, almost all business Magnates advanced at that time tried to cover as many houses as possible in their possessions with a metal roof, in order to avoid the likelihood of fires that often arose on previous materials.

So people in our area began to value metal, namely as reliable roofing material.The main advantage of the metal tile is its strength and wear resistance. Also, with high -quality compounds, the metal tile reliably protects housing from moisture.

For roofs of a simple shape, for example, a gable, a metalloque is almost the best option, since it is usually possible to order long (approximately 6 m) sheets for convenient, quick and high -quality work.Also, a plus is the ease of both the material itself and the simplicity of working with it. A metallocerepine is laid on a wooden rafter system with a context, and is screwed by special screws, bolts and self -tapping screws (depending on the complexity of the design you have chosen).

Of the shortcomings, only an increased level of noise from coating during the rain can be distinguished (which, however, is decided by laying good sound insulation, which will serve you and reliable thermal insulation) and possible burnout of colors in the sun, when buying poor -quality material, so be careful and demand a certificate from the seller product quality!Success!

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