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With your own hands glazing

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The modern world develops in such a way that more and more people begin to interest the issue of glazing loggias and balconies at home. The main reason is that people want to increase the living area of ​​their own houses, and with the help of glazing, this can be achieved. Glazing will make it possible not only to make the room warmer, but also visually increase the size of living space. However, there are other motives that can cause glazing of a balcony or loggia.

Before building a residential building, at the moment, even at the design stage, they are trying to provide glazing of balconies and loggias. Glazing of these premises can be carried out in different ways. In some cases, it happens that both the balcony and the loggia were already glazed at the stage of building the house, for this reason, they advise you to come up with various ways of glazing. In the process of glazing, it is necessary to prevent contrast against the background of neighboring loggias and balconies, which are already glazed.

Enough of the non -bramberry method of glazing, not only balconies, but also loggias is used. This method is used in a situation where the loggias or balconies of neighbors are not glazed.

In order to prevent damage to the common facade of an apartment building, a method of limp glazing is also used. Its key disadvantage is the weak indicators of the preservation of both heat and tightness, however, in comparison with aluminum or metal -plastic method of glazing, it can perfectly protect not only from wind, but also from rain and snow. The main advantage of this method is its low visibility. When glazing, the most safe varieties of glasses are used by a non -fair method.

Cold glazing method. This method is quite widespread due to its own efficiency. Its key advantage is the excellent protection against bad weather. As a rule, when glazing by this method, profiles with single -chamber double -glazed windows are used that have several sashes. This approach makes it possible to protect the balcony or loggia from bad weather in the best way. The result of using this glazing method is the veranda. In the process of glazing, frames are used. They can be made of a variety of materials, both of wood and metal. Glass that are installed in such frames is not rarely tinted. As a result, after such glazing, the temperature on the balcony rises by 1 – 3 degrees.

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