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Features of the decoration of the sauna with wood

by USAInvest

In the process of finishing the turnkey sauna, the master should take into account many important points. Any negligence or lack of knowledge can not only reduce the functionality and durability of the premises, but also cause an increase in the level of danger to the steamers.

An important factor is even the right choice of wood for lining the interior.

What types of wood are used to skin the steam room?

Traditionally, turnkey wood is used using deciduous rocks. An ideal choice will be aspen, linden or alder. Of the advantages of these types of wood, one can note:

resistance to elevated temperatures;

humidity resistance;

low thermal conductivity;

low resin content.

All these moments allow you to provide maximum comfort and safety in the steam room. The wood will not overheat, will not be crumpled under the influence of moisture, and the steamers do not risk “getting out” a drop of resin, which will cause a serious burn.

An additional plus that gives a turnkey decoration using the listed breeds is a beautiful color and structure of wood and the content of phytoncides useful for the human body.

Also use oak wood. This is a fairly expensive solution, so it is used when they create exclusive saunas.

Wood has very high durability indicators, increased resistance to moisture and a very beautiful structure. In addition, the oak has increased density, so it is perfectly polished.

The oak lining is perfectly smooth, which is very relevant for saunas, since no paints and varnishes are used in these rooms.

Another feature of the oak is the presence of substances in wood, which are natural antiseptics. Fungi and mold are not terrible, in a sauna with oak sheathing will always be pleasant and fresh air.

And the last of the most popular types of wood – Canadian cedar. This is the only wood from conifers that can be used for the internal skin of the sauna.

The cedar is characterized by a low content of resins, has a very beautiful wood of slightly pinkish color with yellow veins and, due to the high content of essential oils in the wood, which have a beneficial effect on the nervous and respiratory system, provides steamers with a full -fledged exclusive relaxation.

As for utility rooms, here the requirements are not so strict. Wood can be finished with conifers. One of the most popular options is pine.

The peculiarity of this type of wood over a long time to release useful essential oils will be an excellent addition to the useful properties of the sauna.

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