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You need to prepare for the fire before the fire

by USAInvest

Although several people die daily in fires around the country, many people think that such an element will never overtake them. However, the basics of fire defense and some fire measures will not interfere with anyone.

Since ancient times, fire denoted and symbolized life for man. Fire is warm, food, salvation, hearth. And at the same time, this is one of the most dangerous and treacherous enemies. History of stories is known for fires that destroyed huge cities, crops that raged for days, weeks and even months. And today, in the age of digital technology and global scientific and technological progress, the fire continues to remain as dangerous and low. Despite the modern methods of extinguishing a fire, he is able to bring great destruction and take human lives. Therefore, the issues of fire training are still relevant and pressed.

Nevertheless, we seem to specially help the fire in advance – installing uncomfortable, difficult to open doors, whole grilles on the windows. Think about whether it will be easy to get out of the apartment embraced by the flame if the windows are completely brewed with twisted grilles, and the doors are so hot that they are deformed and not amenable? The first thing you need to think about is that firefighter doors should be installed in the house, and not simple. This means that they have a complex, multi -layer structure that allows you to withstand the fire on one side and not let it go further. At the same time, maintain the form, resist deformations, help ensure sufficient safety in case of fire.

The second thing that should be remembered by residents of private and apartment buildings: you need to put sliding bars on the windows, and not whole. Then you can calmly expect help that will come through the window. Naturally, the house should be in the presence of a fire extinguisher. Well, and it is very important that the population receives fire defense lessons. Oddly enough, there are a lot of people among the first means that they are going to extinguish the fire, they call water in the old fashioned way. Meanwhile, if, for example, oil spilled in your kitchen and caught fire, then, by pouring water on it, you will definitely provoke a fire. Burning oil must be covered with a dense blanket and the inaccessibility of oxygen penetration is inaccessible.

Well, as for the doors, then think about the fire -fighting version immediately. Type in the search engine: Metal SPb doors (or another city that interests you) and you can always find enough firms producing and installing such doors. And you should not even be upset if they never “come in handy”. At least you will know that you have done everything you need.

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