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From which stone the tombstone is made?

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Traditionally, in order to perpetuate the memory of the deceased, a tombstone or monument is placed on his grave, such as those that Danila-Master offers the site. Classic materials for these products are marble, granite or cobblestone. Modern options also include concrete, wood, bronze, sandstone, limestone, iron and many other materials.

Choose a tombstone, especially during the planning of the funeral – a time that none of us is ready is very difficult. Workshops offer various options and materials, and to help you, we will briefly consider the main options.

Granite for tombstones has been used for centuries. This stone is not porous and is famous for its strength and durability. That is why granite monuments are most common. Granite tombstones tolerate well heat, rain, snow, ice. The material is universal – it is not destroyed and not to deteriorate over time, spots do not form on it.

Marble tombstones preferred Greeks for centuries for centuries. The material is also durable and it copes with the elements. The most aesthetically attractive tombstones are obtained precisely from marble, although granite is considered the most popular.

Bronze tombstones are attractive, but they are rarely made completely from whole bronze material. As a rule, bronze tombstones are made with a base from granite. In strength, bronze is as good as the previous options.

Tombstones today are made of stainless steel. This is a modern option and they are even performed with mirror trim, intricate patterns and personalized inscriptions.

Sometimes tombstones are knocked out of sandstone.

Today, tombstones are modeled in the computer program, although artisans sometimes make them completely manually from zero. Modern tombstones are performed in different forms and even with built -in architectural elements, and materials are selected, as a rule, according to the principle of durability. When choosing the material, they pay attention to how it transfers the climate of the region and the peculiarity of the area.

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