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Decorative plaster and its types

by USAInvest

Decorative plaster can be several types: stone, terrazite, colored lime – sandy, sgrafito. The use of decorative plaster for decoration of facades contributes to a variety of color design of the house. Also, the use of decorative plaster will help to simulate a more expensive type of finish than in fact. Consider in more detail the types of decorative plaster. Stone plaster is the most difficult and laborious type. The surface after processing is similar to granite, stone crumbs or marble. There are two methods of processing stone plaster:-after hardening, this type of plaster is treated with a 5-10% solution of hydrochloric acid, and then washed with water;

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-The surface of stone plaster after hardening is treated with teeth and other percussion tools.

Sgrafito plaster helps to create a pattern or colorful embossed ornament. It is used for decorative and artistic decoration of buildings. At the beginning of the finish, this type of plaster is applied with a colored layer, then several layers of the upper color. After five to six hours, the upper layer is partially cut off with a spatula, chisel, etc.P.

Color lime-sand plaster is most economical compared to other types of decorative plaster. The texture of the finishing of the building looks different, depending on what method to apply the top layer and in a plastic or half-hardened state begin to finish.

Terrase plaster creates the effect of sandstone or tufa. It is necessary to process terrazite plaster in a half -accurate state with a sandblasting apparatus or a nail brush. To prepare this decorative plaster, quartz sand, cement, stone crumbs, mica, lime solution are used.

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