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Choosing material for the construction of a country house or cottage

by USAInvest

Building materials used to build a house or cottage are the basis of their durability and reliability. It is not unimportant for future residents and the compliance of the materials used in the construction of materials. In this regard, natural building materials or materials made on their basis are most often used, such as brick, wood, artificial stone

For a long time, houses were made of wood. This is truly unique material: environmentally clean, has good thermal insulation, retains the balance of humidity and gas exchange in the dwelling.

In buildings, coniferous trees were more often used due to the stability of their wood to the processes of decay and destruction, as well as the convenience of processing and adding the design of the house due to the evenness and directness of the trunks of coniferous rocks.

The main disadvantages of wooden buildings are: fire hazard, susceptibility to the action of the fungus, pests and smell. However, there are special compounds for the processing of construction wood to minimize these influences and increase the life of a wooden house to 70 years with constant care.

Also, when building, lumber can be used, which are divided into two main types. The first species – natural from solid wood and the second – on a wooden basis.

Over time, wooden houses are replaced by brick. This happens for a number of reasons. One of which is the strength and durability of brick. Brick buildings can be operated for 100 years or more. Different types of bricks are used during the construction of houses. So the external walls are usually constructed from ceramic brick, which is based on the burned clay. They, in turn, are divided into facing, hollow, full -bodied. Accordingly, various types of construction require the release of bricks with various properties in relation to temperatures and loads.

In addition, the house or cottage should be well insulated. Therefore, you need to take care of effective insulation in advance.

Recently, artificial stone is gaining great popularity in the construction of country houses. It is a filled with gas or foam cell concrete. This allows you to significantly increase the thermal insulation qualities of the house, which is very profitable. On the other hand, the structure of artificial stone requires regular heating, which is not very convenient if you come to your country house only for the weekend. Therefore, you need to take into account this side of construction so that your house will serve you as long as possible.

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